Headquartered in Santa Clarita, AMG & Associates, Inc., is proud to experience another successful year in the construction industry despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Santa Clarita, CA, January 8, 2021 – While the COVID-19 pandemic brought unique challenges to AMG & Associates, Inc. (AMG), AMG President, Albert M. Giacomazzi, led his team through another successful year. Even through these difficult times, Giacomazzi and his team, guided by the company’s commitment to employee safety and business growth, avoided lay-offs for regular employees and retained the company’s subcontractors. The net result: AMG is experiencing the largest backlog in its company’s history of more than $120M, heading into 2021.

AMG’s recently awarded projects are:

  1. $45M – Alan Hancock College, Fine Arts Complex (Santa Maria)
  2. $17M – Landmark Square – Senior Center and Transit Center (Clovis)
  3. $7M – Pinetree Elementary School, Classroom Building Addition and Site Improvements (Canyon Country)
  4. $32M – US Army Corps of Engineers, Ground Transport Equipment Facility (Fort Huachuca, Arizona)

Like all businesses, during the global pandemic, AMG has addressed challenges, including the deep cleaning of project sites, logging and tracking field personnel as they enter the job sites, working with supplier and vendors scheduling, and subcontractor supply-chain delays.

With continuous changes to the federal guidelines, the company’s achievements did not happen easily. “It has been a constant development of plans and updating procedures for both our office and jobsite operations,” said Giacomazzi. In addition, many factors affected the cost of doing business – from revisions to project timelines to smaller work crews to limited supplies. “The one thing that made projects a little easier to manage was the fact that many of them were no longer built on open campuses because of California’s stay-at- home order,” he adds.

AMG is very fortunate to be able to continue to pursue public works projects at the state and federal level. In 2020, regardless of the numerous projects cancelled due to lack of public funding as well as the increase in competition due to larger contractors in the pool, AMG continued to add to its portfolio. The AMG team ramped up the bid schedule – from bidding one project a week (pre- COVID) to three projects a week and sometimes two in one day. It was a hectic year for the AMG Estimating Department, submitting bids on more than 100 projects since the pandemic started.

Despite the very difficult COVID-19 challenges experienced last year, AMG is entering 2021 with its largest backlog in the company’s history. Because the construction industry is considered essential, AMG has continued to operate amid the current pandemic — bidding and building projects throughout California. Visit us at www.amgassociatesinc.com

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