General Safety


AMG programs are managed and overseen by our Corporate Safety Officer who works closely with our on-site team as well as our subcontractors, insurance providers, and government agencies.

“See it, Say it, Fix it”

Every individual and sub coming on or working on our sites goes through a mandatory site safety orientation. Once complete, they receive a green hard hat sticker with the saying “See it, Say it, Fix it”.

Safety Huddles

AMG performs daily required safety huddles prior to work beginning. This includes going through the “daily safety topic” delivered in the weekly corporate safety memo.

Weekly Safety Memo

AMG's Corporate Safety Officer sends out a weekly safety memo discussing safety updates within the company as well as industrywide. This also includes “refreshers” of safety related items and topics.

Continued Education

AMG financially supports and encourages continued education and training through its “AMG University Program”.

CPR/First Aid

AMG has brought CPR/FIRST AID training in-house in order to ensure that every employee has the skills and training to perform in a crisis, with it’s partnership with American Red Cross.

Strategic Partnerships

Awards & Incentives

AMG Safety Award

AMG promotes safety by awarding yearly, the AMG Safety Award to an employee that has exceeded or exemplifies our safety culture.

AMG Safety Incentive Program

This program was established to acknowledge and reward sub-contractors for going above and beyond to help foster a safe work environment. Individuals received a custom designed shirt and a gift card.

Employee Training

AMG employees are trained and refreshed in a number of areas and topics including:

  • OSHA 10
  • OSHA 30
  • First Aid/CPR
  • EM-385
  • QSP
  • HazCom
  • Fall Protection
  • Safety Supervisorship

OSHA Safe and Sound Week

AMG is a contributing member of OSHA’s Safe and Sound Week

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AMG Proudly Uses Clamshell

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