Project Description:

The scope of work for the project is outlined in the Contract Documents more completely, but in summary the project consists of the following; Renovation of the existing historic Crandall Gymnasium building for use as a flexible office-use swing space in preparation of other upcoming projects on campus. Provide restrooms, private offices, conference room, support spaces and a large open office area. Provide necessary improvements to building 60 and building 46 for code compliance of each building in relation to an assumed property line. Provide selective demolition and (N) site improvements for an accessible van parking space and side loading zone and related accessible markings and signage, and an accessible path-of-travel (APOT) from the parking aisle to the main entrances of building 60. Provide site utility improvements for site electrical infrastructure including but not limited to a new transformer and conduit to feed a new electrical service panel.

Project Number
San Luis Obispo, CA

Project Notes and Updates

Labor Compliance Packet

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